MAQ20® Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System

MAQ20 The MAQ®20 system consists of a family of DIN rail mounted, programmable, multi-channel signal conditioning input and output modules and communication modules. Modules mount on the industry standard 35x7.5mm gull-wing DIN rail; a backbone mounts within the rail to provide power and communication interconnections between the communication modules and each I/O module. The system offers the lowest cost per channel, as well as ±0.035% accuracy, 1500Vrms channel-to-bus isolation, 240Vrms continuous input protection, and ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 transient protection. Input power is from 7 to 34VDC and the operating temperature range is from -40°C to +85°C. Product integrity is ensured by a 48-hour factory burn-in at 85°C.

8B isoLynx® Data Acquisition System (SLX300)

Dataforth 8B isoLynx The flexible, modular SLX300 can be configured with up to 12 channels of isolated analog input, 4 channels of isolated analog output, and 8 channels of isolated digital I/O using low-cost Dataforth 8B and SCMD modules. The system enables simultaneous analog and digital I/O at sustained rates of up to 3.0kS/s (100kS/s burst), follows Modbus RTU/TCP protocols, and offers 7 advanced special functions, 4 alarm states, and 3 packaging formats (panel mount, DIN rail, and 1U enclosure). To ensure signal integrity, all I/O is input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolated.

5B isoLynx® Data Acquisition Systems (SLX200)

SLX200 Dataforth's 5B isoLynx® SLX200 is fast, intelligent, modular, and fully isolated. Able to interface with 650+ 5B analog I/O modules and supported by ReDAQ® Freedom software, the SLX200 provides maximum flexibility, reliability, and accuracy for factory automation, process control, test/measurement, machine control, and data acquisition applications. Certified by Modbus-IDA and OPC-compatible, the SLX200 implements industry standard Modbus RTU and TCP protocols, enabling communication with third-party software drivers and HMI packages. To ensure signal integrity, all I/O is input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolated.


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LDM Heavy Duty Limited Distance Data Modems and Converters

DCP 485 The LDM series of heavy duty communication modems greatly extends the distances over which computers, terminals, and other devices can communicate within hazardous industrial and institutional environments. Five models communicate over continuous dedicated wire pairs and distances up to 12 miles (19.3km) using standard RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols. Two models feature fiber optic data links for total electrical isolation and operation up to 2.2 miles (3.5km).

DCP DIN Rail Mount Converters and Line Drivers

DCP 485 Data communication systems in industrial and institutional environments are subject to numerous hazards and can present special problems. Dataforth’s heavy duty converters/line drivers “harden” and protect these systems and can extend data communication networks for many miles without expensive cabling.