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Please note the following:

  • Returned products must match original Sales Order.
  • Products must have an RMA# noted both on outside shipping box and inside with packing slip.
  • To check warranty status, contact Sales Department at +1 520-741-1404 (US Toll Free: +1 800-444-7644) or
  • Products that pass Dataforth production tests or are deemed defective due to customer misapplication will be returned to the sender "as is".
  • If immediate replacement is required, please send a new Purchase Order (PO) to referencing the RMA.
  • Request for Failure Analysis will be honored on "In warranty" modules at no charge - see table: RMA Charges.
  • Request for Failure Analysis of "Out of Warranty" units can be obtained for $900 per unit. Customer must submit a PO in the amount of $900 per unit before a Failure Analysis can be performed on Out of Warranty products.
  • Please provide original data sheet(s) if available.