The MAQ®20 Data Acquisition Eco-System offers many different I/O modules that allow users to create compact, individualized DAQ solutions. Join this webinar to learn why the MAQ®20 is optimal for channel-to-channel isolated measurements: temperature, voltage and current, weight, strain, fluid level and more.

Nowadays, many applications call for comprehensive, many times simultaneously, monitoring and control of real-world signals (temperatures, frequencies, weights, strain, voltages, currents, etc.), either nearby or remotely. Modern, network enabled, Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems are used to convert those real-world data points into actionable data sets which can be processed by a larger computer system. For example, high channel count temperature measurement applications require a DAQ system that can handle a high number of channels simultaneously, many of them requiring high channel-to-channel or field-to-bus isolation, especially in harsh environments, for maintaining excellent signal integrity.

Other applications require highly accurate measurements of, for example, position monitoring of buildings or bridges to prevent or minimize major damages to the monitored object or human life. This presentation covers multiple examples using the MAQ®20 Data Acquisition system to provide potential solutions in applications such as but not limited to high channel count temperature measurements, highly accurate sensing measurements, remote system health monitoring, and other industrial applications. The MAQ20 displays impressive performance and system versatility across a wide temperature range. Join this webinar to learn how these unique features can help you with your data acquisition challenges.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn why modern Data Acquisition Systems offer remote connectivity
  • Understand how specific modules apply to specific applications/measurements
  • See examples of real world use cases and how they could be applied to other industry segments
  • Learn how MAQ®20 can simplify your data acquisition implementation
  • Understand the comprehensive offering and what MAQ®20 DAQ Eco-System can do for you
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