Power & Energy Monitoring

  • The PWRM units measure input voltages from 85 – 265VAC or 85 – 525VAC, 50/60Hz. Higher voltages can be measured using Voltage Transformers.
  • The modules are self-powered deriving the required power supply from any of the measured Phases, A, B, or C.
  • PWRM devices are easily and quickly programmed for fast installation in any environment.

and Self-Powered IoT Energy Monitoring Modules

Real-time data accessed via Ethernet TCP/IP

Designed for installation in any industrial location.

power and energy monitoring
The PWRM modules are IoT universal, high-accuracy, compact, self-powered, electrical energy measurement device that interfaces to three-phase and single-phase systems. Their compact and rugged enclosures allows them to be used in heavy-duty and retro-fit applications requiring robust housing, along with providing high-accuracy measurements across a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C operating range.

Users can retrieve a variety of power and energy data including but not limited to Fundamental Active and Reactive Energies, Apparent Energy, Voltage and Current RMS Values, and Hamonic Information across an easy-to-use HTTP API or web browser UI.

The PWRM modules are DIN-rail mountable to save valuable space in control cabinets and other space limited applications.