4 20mA Transmitters

Isolated Analog Products for Data Acquisition and Control

Instrument Class® Signal Conditioning

Designed to protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment.

DSCT 4-20mA Transmitter
Dataforth's 4​ 20mA Transmitters ​are "Best of Breed" accuracy, linearity, stability and noise specifications. These transmitters are designed to provide outstanding protection and isolation performance for input, output and power connections. They are capable of operating on the widest of loop supply power and over the broadest operating temperature range.

Two-wire transmission loops​ are a very economical method for connecting sensors to distant control rooms. Since the module operates from the signal loop current, no additional, expensive power and wiring are required. Only low cost, twisted pair wiring is needed.

The DSCT Transmitter's wide range of Loop Supply Voltage (10.8V to 60V) makes it a versatile device which can be used in most any current loop. The low Loop Supply Voltage of 10.8V allows the DSCT transmitter to be used in applications with low output power supplies and the high Loop Supply Voltage of 60V allows use in applications with long distance current loops.