isoLynx Data Acquisition and Control System


Use the System Builder to create your own SLX200 System.

Please call Dataforth for configuration assistance:
» Applications Engineering
» Phone: 520-741-1404 option 2

System purchases may be entered directly on the factory:
» Phone: 520-741-1404 option 1
» Fax: 520-917-2254

For general information, see the SCM5B isoLynx® SLX200 Press Release.

SLX270/280 User Manual Downloads

User Manuals and Software for the SLX300 data acquisition system can be found in the SLX200 Download Center.

SLX200 Modules

Model Description
SLX200-10 / -10A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, RS-232/485, Panel Mt.
SLX200-20 / -20A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Ethernet, Panel Mt.
SLX200-30 / -30A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Dual-Ethernet, Panel Mt.
SLX200-11 / -11A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, RS-232/485, No CJC, Panel Mt.
SLX200-21 / -21A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Ethernet, No CJC, Panel Mt.
SLX200-31 / -31A 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Dual Ethernet, No CJC, Panel Mt.
SLX200-10D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, RS-232/485, DIN Mt.
SLX200-20D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Ethernet, DIN Mt.
SLX200-30D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Dual-Ethernet, DIN Mt.
SLX200-11D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, RS-232/485, No CJC, DIN Mt.
SLX200-21D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Ethernet, No CJC, DIN Mt.
SLX200-31D / -AD 12-Ch / 6-Ch, Dual Ethernet, No CJC, DIN Mt.

I/O Modules

Analog Module Families
Digital Module Families

Backpanels & Accessories

Model Description
SLX101 Backpanel Digital: 16 Ch
SLX101-D Backpanel Digital: 16 Ch, DIN
SLX141-xx Ethernet Cable Options
SLX142 RJ45 to DB9 Adapter
SLX143 RJ45 to DB9 Adapter
SLX144 RJ45 RS-485 Multidrop Adapter
SLX145 4Amp fuses for use on the SLX101 backpanel (pkg of 5)
SLX270 Software Tools - VB, VC++, Virtual Instrument
SLX280 Software and Hardware User Manuals
SCMPB02 Backpanel Analog: 16 Ch, Mux
SCMPB02-1 Backpanel Analog: 16 Ch, Mux, No CJC
SCMPB02-2 Backpanel Analog: 16 Ch, Mux, DIN Mount
SCMPB02-3 Backpanel Analog: 16 Ch, Mux, No CJC, DIN Mount
SCMPB06 Backpanel Analog: 8 Ch, Mux
SCMPB06-1 Backpanel Analog: 8 Ch, Mux, No CJC
SCMPB06-2 Backpanel Analog: 8 Ch, Mux, DIN Mount
SCMPB06-3 Backpanel Analog: 8 Ch, Mux, No CJC, DIN Mount
SCMXRK-002 Accessory: 19 Inch Rack Analog Backpanels
Note: add -xxA or -xxAD for 6 chn Base Unit (pricing same).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dataforth provide calibration reports for modules I purchased?
Yes we can provide calibration reports for the modules that you purchased.

You can either
a) visit to search for Test Report Datasheets by Serial Number or
b) you can send us a list of model numbers and their serial numbers to

Is the calibration of Dataforth modules traceable to NIST standards?
Yes, calibration of Dataforth modules is traceable to NIST standards.

Analog Devices announced a last time buy and discontinuance of their signal conditioning modules. Can I replace them with Dataforth signal conditioning modules?
Yes, in general, Dataforth signal conditioning modules are a direct replacement for all Analog Devices signal conditioning modules. e.g. "SCM5B35-xx: Linearized 4-Wire RTD Input Modules" will replace Analog Devices "5B35: Isolated 4 Wire RTD Input Signal Conditioning Module".

Please note that Dataforth signal conditioning modules are RoHS II compliant.

With RS-485 communicating to SLX200 I get timeout errors.
You must put the SLX200 into a known communications state. To do this, with the SLX200 powered, pull the CRST jumper off both pins then re-install the jumper over both pins. To locate the CRST jumper, open or download the SLX200 H/W User Manual from the Media Attachments box to the right of this Content box and refer to Section 6.3.
Then power cycle the SLX200. This resets the communications interface to Factory Default conditions.
Communications Interface: RS-232
Device ID: 31
Data Rate: 19.2kbps
Parity: Even
Plug an RS-232 cable into the RS-232 RJ-45 port on the SLX200. Using the SLX200 Configuration Software, in the top tool bar, click on Configure, then click on Modbus RTU Interface. In the RS-232 text window, click on the down triangle and click on the desired RS-485 2-wire or RS-485 4-wire. Click on the Configure button.
Disconnect the RS-232 cable. Power cycle the SLX200. Plug the RS-485 cable into the RS-485 RJ-45 port on the SLX200. Start sending Modbus functions to the SLX200.

How does the load resistance of a module affect the noise at the output?
Noise at the output of a module is independent of load resistance.

How do I convert an RMS voltage to its corresponding peak voltage?
To convert an RMS voltage to its corresponding peak voltage, you simply take the RMS voltage value and multiply it by the square root of 2, or roughly 1.414.

For example, 1500Vrms corresponds to a peak voltage of 1500 * 1.414 = 2121 Vp

Due to resource constraints on my computer, I'm unable to open the three dimensional CAD models provided on your website. Does Dataforth provide two demensional CAD models for download as well?
Two dimensional CAD models can be generated upon customer request. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.
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