Process Simulator Interactive Demo

Experience real-time interaction with a MAQ20.

We have built a hardware module which acts as a process simulator. We have connected this hardware to a MAQ20 and, using our website which utilizes the MAQ20 Python API, you can interact directly with the hardware using your browser. You can even witness your interaction via a live video feed directly from a camera pointed at the actual hardware in Tucson. Login and schedule a session where you will have full control of the hardware.
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Weather Station Demo

Check out the weather in Tucson!

We have connected a commercial weather station and its sensors at our Tucson facility to a MAQ20. This demonstration uses the MAQ20 Python API on the server to sample the MAQ20 and displays real-time weather reports directly in your browser. Login, check out how the weather station dashboard looks like, and take a look at the system diagram and the source code.
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