What is eagle.io?

eagle.io is a cloud-based IoT platform that allows you to remotely monitor your sensors. Dataforth customers can now sign up with eagle.io, connect their MAQ®20 systems to the eagle.io cloud, and then have access to the MAQ20 data from anywhere in the world. MAQ20 allows logging input and output data from each individual module. The data can be stored on the SD card and then transmitted via FTP transfer to either a PC or the cloud. If transferred to the cloud service of eagle.io, visual dashboards, alerts, and reports can be easily designed in the eagle.io interface providing powerful and easy-to-use tools enabling you to design a monitoring interface specific to your needs.

Want to learn more about MAQ20’s data logging capabilities?

Visit MAQ20 Data Logging Capabilities.

How to begin ...

  • Sign-in or create an account at eagle.io. Free trial accounts are available.
  • Connect eagle.io to your MAQ20 system as a data source. See the Dataforth Source Configuration documentation for more details.
  • Configure your eagle.io dashboard, report, or alerts to provide the type of monitoring for your needs.
  • Begin monitoring your MAQ20 from anywhere in the world using the browser on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Useful links:

Introduction to the eagle.io cloud
eagle.io configuration documentation specific to Dataforth's MAQ20
eagle.io complete documentation