MAQ20 data logging capabilities

The MAQ20-COMx module accepts a micro-SD memory card with up to 4GB capacity for storing data and settings from system I/O modules. Examples of logged parameters include Current, Min, Max, and Average data from input modules, Alarm Status, analog output module channel settings, Discrete I/O module data, and the contents of any register in the Modbus Address space. MAQ20 data logging

The latest Dataforth’s ReDAQ Shape software package allows easy setup and start of logging your data. Data can be logged from up to 400 Registers specified by up to 24 Start Addresses and up to 100 sequential Registers beginning from each StartAddress. Log Interval defines the elapsed time in milliseconds between log events from the specified Start Addresses and Number of Registers. Minimum interval is 100ms and maximum interval is 4,294,967,296ms (49.7 days). Log Interval is stored as a 32-bit number.

Number of Samples specifies how many samples are to be logged from each Start Address. Minimum value is 1 and maximum value is 4,294,967,296. Every set of logged parameters is time stamped with the current reading from the system Real Time Clock. Logging can be started and stopped, and SD card presence, card size, and estimated free space can be determined. SD card size and estimated free space in bytes are stored as a 32-bit number.

Should a power outage occur after logging started, the MAQ20 system will automatically resume logging when power is back. The user can also setup data logging in the lab or office and have MAQ20 start logging automatically when it is turned on in the field.

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