DF10D Seriew Eco System

The DF10D series provides a family of board-level, analog-front-end, signal-conditioning solutions for a wide range of sensors such as but not limited to strain gage, process voltage, process current, thermocouple, RTDs, True RMS, and many more. Each DF10D input module provides a single channel of sensor interface filtering, isolating, amplifying, and conversion of sensor data to a 24-bit digital output data stream via an SPI™ compatible serial interface.

If you are interested in learning more about this new concept and share your feedback about the DF10D series or any specific module, please find on this page a few preliminary datasheets for you to conveniently download and review. If you decide to take a sneak-peek, we do require you to sign an electronic NDA upon clicking on any download link. Furthermore, by downloading any of these preliminary datasheets, you agree to be contacted by Dataforth and invited to a brief follow-on discussion and feedback session.

Your Dataforth team very much appreciates your time and thanks you for your interest.

We want your feedback!

We are interested in your feedback regarding the DF10D Series. Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions regarding the DF10D Series and how this new signal conditioning product could apply to your application. Your feedback is very valuable to us and very much appreciated.